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Site Id:100206
Site Name:RCM-NE_RCM-250mab_2012-06
Observatory:Ocean Networks Canada
Comment: Fixed position mooring extending 250 m into the water column and topped with an orange buoy
Searchable: Yes
Last Modified Date:06-Mar-2017 20:45:13
Last Modified By: Meghan Tomlin

Site DeviceId DeviceId Device Deployment Date Recovery Date Site Position Offsets Comment Last Modified Date Last Modified By
Offset Latitude (°) Offset Longitude (°) Offset Depth (m) Offset Heading (°) Offset Pitch (°) Offset Roll (°)
119020 23006 RDI Workhorse Long Ranger ADCP 75 kHz (16511) 19-Jun-2012 04:01:28 27-Jun-2018 15:12:57               20-Jun-2012 Meghan Tomlin